The following are unofficial copies of the documents filed by the Oakwick Forest Estates Property Owners Association that I downloaded from the Fort Bend County Clerk website. An official copy can also be requested directly from Fort Bend County Clerk’s office. Clicking the download button will not save the file to your computer. It only opens the document in your browser. If you want to save a copy on your computer, you will need to click on that little file folder thingy on your browser tool bar (probably on the right). The little folder symbol with the little arrow pointing down. Yeah, I know that previous sentence has no verb. Poetic license.

Affidavit Regarding Changes to Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Oakwick Forest Estates.

This is a document filed in July of 2001 that lists changes that were made to the deed restrictions (minimum size of homes and requirement to have a dumpster on the site during construction). There are 99 pages. It appears that they got the signatures of everybody and their brother to approve these changes.

Declaration and Clarification Pertaining to Additional Properties

This document is 12 pages long and is gibberish to me.

As soon as we get a copy of the rest of the stuff from the county, we will post it here.