ACC rules and forms


The following are highlights of the architectural control requirements for Oakwick Forest Estates. These are listed for convenience but are not to be considered the complete listing of the covenants. For your reading pleasure, the full document can be downloaded from the link in the Forms section of this page (Deed Restrictions).

  • Exterior veneers shall be at least 51% masonry.
  • Property line setbacks – buildings shall be >30 ft from the front street or side street and >10 ft from the nearest neighbor’s lot line
  • Well location – not near septic
  • Septic location – not near well
  • Driveways must be concrete
  • Propane tanks must be buried
  • All construction projects must be completed within 10 months of the commencement of onsite activities
  • All construction projects must be approved by the ACC prior to commencement of onsite activities
  • No activities that are stinky or annoying are allowed
  • No oil wells or gold mines are allowed


Construction Letter of Agreement

Guidelines for Building Setbacks

Project Checklist – General Contractor Projects

Project Checklist – Self Projects

ACC Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

Fencing guidelines

Please email completed forms to [email protected]

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